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Q + A

I have put together a list of things that people most often ask about when we plan a session together to help you feel more at ease, more confident and excited about planning your session! Of course, if you don’t find the answer to your question here, I am always happy to help! 


Where are you based and do you travel? 

I am located in Chardon, Ohio. I LOVE traveling. I am always down to explore! Have you found an amazing place and want to take your pictures there? Let’s chat about your vision and get creating together! I am so down for this! 

What do I wear for my photos? 

This is always a really important question. The answer is different for everyone, depending on a few things...How do you plan to showcase your images? Are they going on a beautiful canvas in your living space? If so wearing colors that compliment your living space makes for a beautiful flow to the images and your home! A color palette of 2-4 colors will help create this beautiful, coordinated look. Look for wardrobe pieces that are without print, or having maybe one person with prints that pull from your color palette helps to make the viewer focus on the people in the image and not the patterns. Still not sure? Check out my Pinterest page for more ideas, or ask me! I am always down for discussing outfit ideas! I love when clients send me pictures of their ideas! 

What if I am awkward or I don’t know how to pose? 

TOTALLY okay! I got you covered! I am happy to help direct you on how to pose to get those amazing shots! If your worried about yourself or significant other, or your kids... it is ok! I have lots of fun prompts too! All you need to do is be yourself, embrace the moment and have fun! I will do the rest! 

I am worried about my scar, acne or a certain part of my body.... 

Talk to me about your concerns! I want you to feel your most comfortable during your session! So whether it is talking about editing a scar or acne or positioning you to show off your best features..let’s talk about it ahead of time. You will feel more confident and at ease during your session, which will result in images you will love! 

When will I get my photos?

Typically, I will post a sneak peek on Facebook or Instagram and tag you with in the first week! This way you get to see some of you images sooner! Your gallery with all of your unedited photos will be delivered within 2 weeks. This way you can pick your favorites and I can get started editing! Depending on the package size I deliver your fully edited images within 2-4 weeks! The only exception this is weddings. Wedding galleries are delivered approximately 6 weeks from the wedding date because of the number of images that are in these galleries! 


Why do you not edit all of images before sending them? 

Some photographers like to choose the images they feel are the best from your session. They take the number of images you purchased with your package and deliver them fully edited. You don’t get to see all your images or choose them. When you book a package for 10 images (or more)... I will be taking a lot more photos. I do this so you can choose the one where you like your smile best, or your childs, or a small detail that is important to you! By sending you an unedited gallery it allows you to choose the images YOU LOVE. I can then edit the images you choose! If I edited a gallery of 50 images and you were only investing in a package that included 10, it wouldn’t make much sense. If your wondering what your images are going to look like once they are edited...check out the sneak peeks I post on Instagram and Facebook

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