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Pregnancy is 9 months of change, growing, emotions and developing a love for someone you have never met. It is a time to celebrate the adventures ahead. It is a time to create memories of moments that will be gone too quickly. Nine months can seem like forever when you have waited so long to meet your little one, and yet it goes by so quickly. 

Take this time mama....celebrate you, your amazing body and the life growing inside of you! 

I love helping women celebrate themselves! Whether searching for a documentary style session, lifestyle session or more fine art portraits, I am ready to capture your journey!

When should you schedule your maternity session?

Maternity sessions are most often scheduled between 28-34 weeks, when pregnancy has you "glowing and showing", and not yet uncomfortable. 

What should I wear?

Wardrobe can vary from being bare, to a gorgeous gown! Truly, it is whatever fits your vision! I do offer maternity clients the option to use any items in my client closet as a perk for booking their session with me! 

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